This website is just my homepage, old style, with some of my stuff to be shared, under Creative Commons (third parties mentioned here owns their own).

But why "servicemix.eu" then?

Because I loved servicemix when it went out as JBI reference implementation: registering the .eu domain was more an emotional purchase than anything planned.


System performance simulation project ("Modellistica di impianti e sistemi")
- General simulation report
- Detailed results and graphs
- Event oriented analisys
- Object oriented design
- Sample run logs (30 users)

"Bachelor Computer Engineering" Dissertation (around DL, OWL, ANTLR, SemanticTurkey)
- Maven generated documentation website for 'DL2OWL 1.0.0'
- Dissertation (PDF, in italian)

- Degree certificate ("Pergamena di Laurea")
- Degree certificate (with exams list - computer eng. only)
- complete exams list (elettronics eng. + computer eng.)

Work-related R&D

Sabre Apps/Services for local market

Sabre Red App POCs and samples

Sabre Web Services POCs and samples

Personal R&D

tech stuff - coding related

Maven Rocks! - why I loved working with it, plus a few hints.

tech stuff - dissertation related

Here's my first basic test on universAAL, an opensource platform funded by EU, just like Webinos - both worth taking a look.

Here's (was? this project had been wandering around recently...) my proposal for a killer application, somewhat needed to boost UAAL platform adoption. ( PDF - printed version)

Here you can find some of the weird questions I like to ask www.wolframalpha.com.
With this one, for example, it seems to have been learning from previous failures to reply to those questions...

tech stuff - campesinux

Here's the first version of JSVS (Java Simple Video Streaming), a Java-HTML5 video library and player I developed on my (not that much indeed - at those times) spare time.

On March/April 2016 I started designing and implementing a watering system for my terrace garden (to be: will buy the house in weeks, better be ready!).
It would measure air temp and moist, ambient light, soil moist on 4 different areas, where it would act watering using a 4-relays shield.
It would also report the measures using HTTP via a WiFi shield: the first working prototipe is IrriguinoWeatherStation0014

Version 0015 has been published on GitHub, it's available under CC-BY.

The final version would also have a barometric pressure sensor and a "wind station": I would like to put more devices and features on, but I run out of digital pins...

After this prototype, I realized the following: so... I had to (!) buy a 3D printer, possibly one quite "open" and "in kit" (to be assembled in a DIY style):
I went for a k8200 (aka 3drag) produced by velleman.eu (and elettronicain.it), a report is here

And here's MyVideos - 0_8_600 - my first Smart TV app, uses SJVS backend.

physics && epistemology (2016's sabbatical)

On February/March 2016 I completed the Coursera's "Big History: Connecting Knowledge", from Macquarie University, here's my certificate.

In the same period I wrote down Monkey Metrics - Semantically Refactored Special Relativity, because I had to: I needed to swap that stuff (no matter how silly or nonsense it is) off my head, to paper. It has been released as Creative Commons (odt file), so it's up to other people, in case: that's my contribution "AS IS".

On August/September 2016 I attended all the supplemental video lectures courses, from the "Theoretical Minimum", by Leonard Susskind, Stanford University.

In the same period I wrote down a first draft of Natural Metrics - The natural way to Minkowski spacetime, because, with some things learned from "Theoretical Minimum", I realized I should follow up on Monkey Metrics - Semantically Refactored Special Relativity. The draft has been released as Creative Commons (odt file), so that other people, if interested, can contribute improving it: that's my contribution "AS IS".

After a while, by October/November 2016 I completed the Coursera's "Understanding Einstein: The Special Theory of Relativity", from Stanford University, here's my certificate.

Around mid November, while taking a course on GR, I went back to some strange drawings of mine, discussed it on the forum there and with other people. The outcome is GUT est omnis projecta in doctrinae tres, I hope you would enjoy. As usual, that's my contribution "AS IS", released under Creative Commons SA BY NC.
Then I got Zee's GR book for xmas, where I found something quite like my map, in the book's introduction, there's also something called cGh physics, out there already.
After a check, I realized the first time I saw the map, it was on a QM course on coursera, here's the printout of the forum discussion.
Anyway, here's the updated map, with some renaming/grouping, and some interesting notes.

physics && epistemology (2017's sabbatical)

Some news from these very recent (Q1 2017) youtube videos:

Frank Wilczek & Lawrence Krauss : Materiality of a Vacuum (OFFICIAL) - (Part 1)
Frank Wilczek & Lawrence Krauss : Materiality of a Vacuum (OFFICIAL) - (Part 2)

Compare them to my (Q1 2016) " Monkey Metrics - Semantically Refactored Special Relativity".

Looks like they copycat some of my ideas, see first video:

- at around minute 11, with the "Triumph of ether" vs my "no-ether" (see the fourth axiom on page 26)
- at around minute 18, with the 1905 Einstein compared to the 1920 one,(see page 9)

So what? Just got there first, as an hobbyst, with less means.
Now, how do you like that?
Got plenty of stuff to show how I got there, indeed.

On April the 4th, I cleaned up an exercise I did in August 2016, so that they can get inspiration from this too maybe. This is released without the "NC" clause, so it's "free knowledge" (bah!).
It is titled "The Pigma operator, in English", and deals about "The canonical oscillator, Planck's units and fundamental constants of Physics". Enjoy.