my first round with k8200/3drag

what I should end up with:

step 1: building the structure (mechanics)

step 2: wiring it all up (electronics)

step 3: first tests (1st powering on)

step 4: bootloader&firmware (basic usage)

step 5: is it the powering or the PWM settings? (troubleshooting)

step 6: resistance and voltage measurements (troubleshooting)

what for?

to print a " rugged enclosure" for DFRobot's soil moist sensor SEN 0193,
with the help of a great tool like tinkercad:

This is the "enclosure", as a first work in progress release: IrriguinoParts001 - 004 - cover almost ok too

The final versions are available on tinkerCad as CC-BY-SA-NC:

the one for actual printing

another with the DFR SEN 0193 "measures" included